I will be applying to PhD programs Fall of 2024

I am an undergrad at Cornell University with a broad interest in the areas of systems and networking. My aim is to utilize expertise and apply techniques from multiple areas, including Programming Languages, Theory, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, and Networking to find new insights. My philosophy is that focusing on deeply understanding a problem naturally leads to finding simple and effective solutions.

Research Interests

My research focuses on programmable networks and SDN, specifically applied to runtime verification techniques for networks. This approach verifies network behavior against a specification as packets flow through the network in realtime. I am fortunate to collaborate with Nick McKeown's group at Stanford on this project.

I am also interested in terabit data center networking and host congestion. My work in this area focuses on building an understanding of the host networking stack overheads and datapaths. I am currently leading a project on memory protection induced host congestion.
I am very thankful to be advised by Nate Foster and Rachit Agarwal.


I also have a deep passion for teaching, which extends to all age groups. I have had the opportunity to work with young kids, helping them with math enrichment and learning to code. At Cornell, I have been a TA for the Operating Systems course since the beginning of my sophomore year. Alongside my teaching responsibilities, I contribute to the development of new coursework and assignments, enriching the learning experience for students interested in concurrent programming.


  • January 2024: Won a 2024 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award Honorable Mention

  • August 2023: Featured on the Cornell CIS front page and on the Cornell Official instagram page

  • August 2023: Attending CMMRS at Max Planck Institute in Saarbrücken, Germany

  • May 2023: Hydra: Effective Runtime Network Verification Accepted to SIGCOMM '23

  • May 2023: Won a Faculty Nominated TA Award

  • March 2023: Panelist at Research Night for Cornell undergrad CS students