• Fast and Safe Memory Protection for Networked Systems
    Benny Rubin, Saksham Agarwal, Qizhe Cai, Rachit Agarwal
    In Submission. SOSP 2024

  • Hydra: Effective Runtime Network Verification
    Sundararajan Renganathan, Benny Rubin, Hyojoon Kim, Pier Ventre, Carmelo Cascone, Daniele Moro, Charles Chan, Nick McKeown, Nate Foster
    ACM SIGCOMM ‘23, Github

Class Research Projects

Papers include brief abstract of work.

CS 6120 - Advanced Compilers (Fall 2023)
Dynamic Compilation Techniques for Heterogenous Hardware

CS 6450 - Advanced Networking (Spring 2023)
Using Causal Telemetry to verify BGP routing behavior

CS 6850 - The Structure of Information Networks (Spring 2023)
Graph theoretic models of the Internet

CS 6410 - Advanced Systems (Fall 2022)
Exploring Runtime Verification techniques for Programmable Networks